Artificial Intelligence

I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe


We always approach all projects from a technological point of view. We rely on technologies based on artificial intelligence and naturally the whole ecosystem of tools in the digital world are adopting automatic optimization processes.


However, in all projects there are processes that do not use artificial intelligence tools in which the optimization is done manually by humans. When the information handled has a high volume, we humans are not able to recognize hidden patterns in the data and it is at that point that it is necessary to generate ad-hoc machine learning models that adapt to the process and seek the highest efficiency. Processes that learn over time and that allow for the saving of human work hours while improving results.


From Constellation we generate machine learning models programmed from scratch for the optimization of sales processes and we also develop tools that can optimize similar processes in different companies, such as the Andromeda project. A tool capable of optimizing cold databases to find those records most optimal for the sale of a given product.


Sometimes handling too much information makes the processes not optimal, you need algorithms that work for you, sometimes too much light does not let you see the stars.