Digital Strategy

The main online advantage is to be able to measure


The digital strategy is a very wide world. Our approach to this ecosystem is marked by our technological origin. We are experts in the configuration of advertising tools to seek the best performance. Our preference is to focus on performance, since these are the most difficult and challenging projects. We also do branding projects but we also like to challenge the client to find an event that we can consider as a conversion and bring the project back to performance.


Our digital consulting work covers different stages:


 – Message design and campaign objectives.

 – Design and development of the recruitment websites.

 – Complete web design for the correct sending of the information to the marketing tools.

 – Design and management of the marketing campaigns in RTB, SEM or SocialMedia.

 – Complete measurement of all the stages of the funnel.

 – Implementation of attribution models for complex multichannel projects.



In general we believe that a project has to start once the correct measurement of the project is assured. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.